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Taylor UBI Bowls Launcher

Taylor UBI Bowls Launcher

Taylor UBI Bowls Launcher™ - See the video below.

This Lawn Bowls delivery aid is lightweight, height adjustable and durable.

If you suffer from a bad back, back hips or bad knees then the Ubi Launcher™ may be just the delivery aid you've been looking for. There is no grip strength required as there is with a Bowling Arm.

The two pieces undo easily with a simple twist enabling you to transport the Launcher section in your bag and carry the adjustable pole alongside - it does collapse to a reasonably short length.

Has the Ubi-Launcher® been approved for official play?

World Bowls have said it is up to the local associations to determine to what extent any delivery aid may be used. They also point out that any local associations should be very aware of the disability laws regarding making our sport inclusive for all before making their decision.

Bowls Canada have already given their approval. Their ruling allows for the Ubi-Launcher® to be used (without the need for a doctor's certificate):

  • * in all club play
  • * in district and local tournaments
  • * in provincial playdowns leading to national championships in the majors (fours, pairs, singles) if prior notification of its use and approval is subsequently granted by the National Officiating Committee.

It has been suggested that where Outdoor Greens have been treated with sand/grit such material or similar may become trapped between the Launcher and the Bowl, perhaps to the detriment of the Bowl. Poor weather conditions requiring greater force between the Bowl and the Launcher grips may increase that risk. Taylor Bowls have seen no conclusive evidence of this but we would recommend that a UBI Launcher is better suited to Indoor surfaces.

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