Overseas Shipping

1. Overseas Orders

1.1 Orders placed from an overseas address are welcomed. The currency will be automatically converted into GBP.

1.2 If the delivery is required within the UK the order will transit through The Bowls Shop website administrative system in the normal way. If the order value is £50 or more then UK Delivery is Free except where the item ordered is eceptionally heavy. In those cases we make it clear on the product description page that a delivery charge has been levied.

1.3 Where delivery is required to an address outside of the UK the shipping costs are not free, regardless of the value of the order. We do not use our administrative system to calculate shipping costs because of the countless variations in weights, sizes, currencies and exchange rates involved for each individual order. However, we do source the best possible transportation quote available at the time.

1.4 Where the order is to be shipped to a country that is VAT exempt, please draw it to our attention when you place the order. Upon receipt we will calculate the delivery charges and then deduct the VAT that is included in our UK on-screen prices. Any difference between the figures may result in a credit or a need for an additional amount to cover that difference. If it transpires that there is a shortfall paragraph 2.2 below explains the ways payment can be made.

2. Meeting Overseas Shipping Costs

2.1 Because the administrative system of The Bowls Shop website is not used to calculate appropriate non-UK delivery charges, customers specifying overseas delivery will, as explained above, require a quote for the cost involved. Ideally in these situations the customer should contact The Bowls Shop by email or telephone to obtain a quote before placing an order. However if this step is overlooked, i.e. an order is placed on-line without first obtaining a quote for delivery charges, we will make contact with the customer and offer the best quote we can find.

2.2 Having received and accepted a quote for shipping, customers will be offered a choice in the way that additional payment may be made as follows: a) the customer may provide credit/debit card details over the telephone, +44 115 9292233, or by email - click " Contact Us”. b) the customer may purchase the appropriate monetary value, in the same way one would purchase a product, by clicking HERE. Payment is then made through PayPal (via PayPal invoice).