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Taylor Grippa Crown Green Bowls

Taylor Grippa Crown Green Bowls

Taylor Grippa Crown Green Bowls - Free Gift

Please Note: if neither we nor Taylor’s have your exact specification available then Taylor’s manufacturing time will determine delivery.

Taylor Grippa Crown Green Bowls have been developed in conjunction with Crown Green expert, Roy Armson, and are the most successful of the Taylor Crown Green Bowls range. They are fitted with attractive coloured mounts, and they have a pleasing crescent grip.

They are as usual supplied in pairs, and are available in Standard or High Density models.

Colour: Black only.

Density: Standard or High.

Weights: 2lb 4oz, 2lb 6oz, 2lb 8oz and 2lb 10oz. 

Mount Colour Preference:

i) selecting "Any Colour" broadens the choice of stock available for earlier delivery;
ii) selecting "Specific Colour Preferred" may result in a delay of up to 4 weeks if the combination of weight/density and mount choice are not already manufactured.   

Mount Colours: Blue, Green, Mint, Orange, Red and Yellow. 

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