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Taylor Legacy SL Black Bowls

Taylor Legacy SL Black Bowls

Taylor Legacy SL Black Bowls - Free Gift. 

Taylor Legacy SL Bowls (SL = Slimline) are the ideal model for the slimmer hand.

Medium bias with a controlled swing to the Jack. The 'Progrip' is the Standard Grip. The fact this is a slimmer Bowl makes it one of our a best-sellers. See the Taylor Legacy SL Bowls bias performance chart above.

Grip: Progrip only.

Colour: Black only.
Weight: Heavyweight only.
Sizes: select 00-5

Taylor Bowls no longer offer a choice of Emblem on this range of Bowls. Instead the Bowls will be engraved during production runs and shipped in accordance with whatever Emblem has been produced. Please Note: if we need to order your Bowls from Taylors they will be with us within 2 to 3 working days for onward same day dispatch to you.

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