Taylor Blaze Coloured Bowls

Taylor Blaze Coloured Bowls

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Taylor Blaze Coloured Bowls - Free Gift. Free PYO Emblem (Please note when chosing an Xtreme grip select only one colour for the Rings and Emblem)

Taylor Blaze Coloured Bowls have been designed with a slender diameter for a more comfortable fit in your hand. Enhanced with a deep dimple Premier Grip you are assured of a confident grasp that will give a consistent draw and defining accuracy with every shot.

An all purpose Bowl, Taylor Blaze Bowls have a bias that runs between the Taylor Vector VS Bowls and the Taylor Ace Bowls, with a distinct sweep as they finish their course to the target. See the Taylor Bowls bias performance chart above.

Grip: the Premier Grip is the Standard Grip. The Crescent, Half Pipe and Progrip Grips are also available and cost an additional £30.00.

Weight: Heavyweight only. 
Colours: the full colour range is displayed beneath the main image. Select from the drop down menu.
Bowls Size: select 00-5.

Emblem Preference: NOTE: The emblems displayed here are not suitable if you have ordered an Xtreme Grip. Please call us for information on the bespoke emblems Taylor's offer.

  • i) select "Any Emblem" or
  • ii) if you would prefer a specific Emblem select “I wish to select an Emblem".

Taylor Emblem and Ring Colours: the two menus enable you to select a different Ring colour to the Emblem colour if preferred.