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Short Mat Bowling by Ron Collingridge

Short Mat Bowling by Ron Collingridge

Short Mat Bowling by Ron Collingridge

This lovely little book is both a delightful and instructive publication written by Ron Collingridge, a Short Mat Bowls player since the mid 90s. 

Ron's purpose in writing this book was to help a Short Mat Bowls player understand and play the game. It is particularly useful for those new to Short Mat Bowls covering as it does such things as equipment, the mat layout, grip, delivery, measuring, duties of the players and umpire, and much, much more beside. 

This book is an ideal present for those Short Mat Bowlers (or soon-to-be Short Mat Bowlers) in your life.

Here are just a few of the many testimonials for this book.

An announcement made at a Short Mat Bowls festival in Torquay - "Here is a good book for everybody. Beginners who know nothing about Bowls and those who think they know it all". Paul - Bowls Co-ordinator. 

"I was always confused with that rule but you covered it clearly. Thankyou." Ken (Surrey)

"Your book has been very popular at my Club (Cerne Abbas) and our newest member has found it particularly helpful. So many thanks for taking the time to write it." June B

"I find it invaluable." Alan (Kent)

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