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Henselite Tiger 11 Bowls


Henselite Tiger 11 Bowls

Henselite Tiger II Bowls - Free Gift. 

Henselite Tiger II Bowls are truly mid-biased and will suit the player looking for a multi purpose set of Bowls. They have a contemporary design with a gentle and predictable trajectory and are the widest drawing of the 'narrow' biased Bowls currently available.

Henselite Tiger 11 Bowls are highly suited to Seconds, Thirds and Skips as they require a Bowl that has a relatively strong finish to draw around short bowls in the head. With their mid bias they also offer both experienced and new Bowlers alike the greatest potential range of shots.

With a similar shape and trajectory to the Dreamline, the additional bias in Henselite Tiger 11 Bowls provide greater stability in adverse conditions. The ergo profile will also maximise comfort and add precision to every delivery.

See the Henselite Bowls Bias Trajectory Chart.

Colour: Black.
Weight: Heavyweight only.
Sizes: 00 to 5

Please note that the Emblem and Ring colour shown on the Bowl(s) above is for illustrative purposes only. If you would prefer a specific Emblem then we will contact Henselite on your behalf to see what they have in stock. Tel: 0115 9292233. If however Henselite haven’t got what you’re looking for and you decide to go for a set made to meet your specific Emblem requirement then Henselite will charge us £50 plus VAT and it will take up to 6 months before receipt. Should you wish to design your own Emblem then that will cost upward of £80 and again will take up to 6 months before they appear. We’re happy to arrange a special order if you’re happy with the additional cost and the potential wait.

Information on Delivery.

Where the Bowl you have selected needs to be ordered from the supplier and they are able to fulfil that order from their stock then it should take approximately 2 to 3 days for the order to come in to us for onward despatch. If they don't have your preferred choice immediately available the supplier may be able to offer a suitable alternative. In such circumstances we will get in touch to see if, given the potential for reducing waiting time, it would be of interest.

Where the supplier is unable to offer an acceptable alternative then delivery of a Bowl that fully meets your requirements is wholly dependent upon the arrival of the next shipment from Australia.

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