Greenz Vicki II Slip-On Ladies Bowls Shoes

Greenz Vicki II Slip-On Ladies Bowls Shoes

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Strong, Very Light, Breathable.

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Greenz Vicki II Slip-On Ladies Bowls Shoes

Greenz Vicki II Slip-on Ladies Bowls Shoes are strong and very light. Manufactured from a dense yet micro-porous synthetic material called 'Clarino', they allow water vapour and heat to pass through, and because it’s a breathable material, heat is dissipated in warm weather and retained when it’s colder. Result? Your feet will feel naturally at ease.

The 'Super-Grip' rubber sole with slashed tread and concealed flex channels provide the ultimate safety allowing water to escape without creating an aquaplane effect that can be so dangerous.

The Greenz Vicki II are also 'easy clean': just wipe with a soft sponge rinsed in warm soapy water and allow to dry naturally.

A very popular shoe with an excellent reputation for comfort.

Colours: White and Grey.

Sizes: 3 to 8 including half sizes.

Please note that we're unable to stock the half sizes due to limited space in the shop, but we can order them in. It will only add a couple of days to the delivery time - assuming Taylor’s have them.