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Drakes Pride Scooter Bowls Bag

Drakes Pride Scooter Bowls Bag

Drakes Pride Scooter Bowls Bag

The Drakes Pride Scooter Bowls Bag is a large double-decker Bowls bag. The innovative hybrid design ticks all the boxes - a Bowls bag you can carry or wheel. It has both a lower and upper body compartment with a comfortable extended trolley handle which can be adjusted to two different heights.

The lower compartment contains two lift out Two Bowl Dual Bags - very user friendly. The same compartment also sports a third Dual Bag for all your accessories.

The upper body of the bag features a large easy access compartment for storage of clothing, shoes or any other items required. There is also a very large and deep side pocket for extra storage, as well as a structured pocket for further storage of Bowls accessories, mobile phones etc.

Along with comfortable handles, this bag also features a padded shoulder strap as well as a comfortable cushioned side handle for easier handling.

The wheels are strong and robust for a long lasting, durable smooth gliding effect.

Colours: Black, Maroon, Navy, Petrol and Royal.

Bag Measurements/Weight:

Length:  50 cm
Breadth:27 cm
Height:  45 cm
Weight: 4 kg

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