Drakes Pride Professional Coloured Bowls

Drakes Pride Professional Coloured Bowls
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Drakes Pride Professional Bowls  - Free Gift. PYO Emblem.

Drakes Pride Professional Bowls are a phenomenally successful model used by top ranking players. The Professional is a mid bias Bowl with a gradual and consistent finish offering a wide range of shot options. This makes it superb for both Indoor and Outdoor play.

Draw Line: to see and compare the Draw Lines for the d-tec, Professional and XP, see the Bias Performance Chart above or the Drakes Pride Bias Performance video below.

Colours: the colour chart shows the full range. Select your chosen colour form the Colours drop down menu.Please take care when ordering as only two colours go up to size 5. See the Size with Colour Availability above.
Size: select size - 0000, 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
Weight: Heavyweight only.

Bowls Grips: the 30 Dimple Grip is the default Grip.
The 24 Dimple, 40 Dimple, 50 Dimple, Rose, Plain (no grip) and Crescent Grips are made to order and take up to 8 weeks for completion.
The Left Handed or Right Handed Crescent Grips cost an extra £55.

Emblem Preference:

  • i) if you select here “Any Emblem In Stock” there is no additional cost.
  • ii) if you would prefer a specific Emblem then select “I wish to select an Emblem".

Emblem Size: a Standard Emblem costs £10 and a Jumbo size Emblem costs £25.

Emblem and Ring Colours: the two menus enable you to select a different Ring colour to the Emblem colour if preferred. 

Personalisation of Bowls: you can have your Bowls personalised. For example, you may wish to have your name engraved around the outside of the Bowls. Only 24 characters, including spaces, can be accommodated and it costs an additional £25. Please call us if you wish to have your Bowls personalised. Tel: 0115 9292233.