Drakes Pride Professional Coaching Bowls

Drakes Pride Professional Coaching Bowls

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Drakes Pride Professional Coaching Bowls - Free Four Bowl Carriers for Each Set (value £9.95).

Drakes Pride Professional Bowls are a phenomenally successful model. It is a mid bias Bowl with a gradual and consistent finish offering a wide range of shot options. This makes it superb for both Indoor and Outdoor play, and because of these attributes they make excellent coaching Bowls too.

The Coaching Bowls are priced at £189.95 for Black or Brown and £259.95 for Coloured Bowls making them £40 per set cheaper than the standard price. These Bowls may only be purchased by Clubs with coaching programmes. They are not available to individuals. A minimum order of two sets is required.

Please note that the Quantity selection box above is set at the default of 'one' so please make sure you change this to two or more. Use the "Continue Shopping" green button at the bottom of the Shopping Cart to return to the main page if you wish to order a number of different coloured sets. Any problems then give us a call on: 0115 9292233.

Engraving: Included in the price is the engraving of the Club name or Association - this is a requirement. Please enter the details in the Engraving box - up to a maximum of 50 characters.

Draw Line: to see the Draw Line for the Professional click here or see the Drakes Pride Bias Performance video below. 

Drakes Pride Professional Bowls Colours: the colour chart shows the full range. Select your chosen colour from the Colour menu above.

Sizes: select size - 00, 0, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0. Please take care when ordering as only two colours go up to size 5. See the Size with Colour Availability Chart above.

Weight: Heavyweight only.

Grip: The default 30 Dimple Grip comes as standard on the Coaching Bowls.

Please note: The Emblem and Ring Colours shown in the examples are for illustrative purposes only. The Bowls despatched will in all probability differ in both aspects - stock avalability being the determinant.