Drakes Pride Pro-50 Bowls

Drakes Pride Pro-50 Bowls
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Drakes Pride Pro-50 Bowls - Free Gift. PYO Emblem.

The Drakes Pride PRO-50 Bowl is identical in profile and performance to the incredibly popular Professional model, the only difference being in the Grip.

Known as the 'Channel Grip' this Grip is unlike any other currently offered. It quite literally creates two deep channels in the Bowl which have been found to help many players improve control over their Bowl during delivery. In addition, the channels have in many cases enabled players to comfortably deliver a larger size Bowl than they would normally be the case.

With identical performance to the Professional model, which has been the most popular model for many years, the PRO-50 is an exceptionally well balanced Bowl, suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor use.

Whilst the Professional model will continue to be popular a popular choice, this addition to the Drakes Pride Bowls range gives more options to players looking to benefit from such handling characteristics.

Draw Line:  to see and compare the Draw Lines for the d-tec, Professional/Pro-50 and XP Bowls see the Bias Performance Chart above or the Drakes Pride Bias Performance video below.

Colours: Black or Brown.
Weight: Heavyweight or Medium.
Sizes: 0000, 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.
Grip: the Channel Grip is the default grip and is the only Grip available in this model.

Emblem Preference:

  • i) if you select here “Any Emblem In Stock" there is no additional cost.
  • ii) if you would prefer a specific Emblem then select “I wish to select an Emblem".

Emblem Size: a Standard Emblem costs £10 and a Jumbo size Emblem costs £25.

Drakes Pride Emblem and Ring Colours: the two menus enable you to select a different Ring colour to the Emblem colour if preferred.

Personalisation of Bowls: you can have your Bowls personalised. For example, you may wish to have your name engraved around the outside of the Bowls. Only 24 characters, including spaces, can be accommodated and it costs an additional £25. Please call us if you wish to have your Bowls personalised. Tel: 0115 9292233.