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Bowls Kneeling Mats

Bowls Kneeling Mats

Bowls Kneeling Mats - Compact Kumfie Mat

Bowls Kneeling Mats, from Multimat, are a folding mat that can be used when either sitting or kneeling.

They're perfect for Umpires/Markers when kneeling on the Green, but can be used in a variety of situations. For example, doing odd jobs on the floor round the house, at sporting events where you want to sit on a clean/dry seat, or when you're walking in the countryside and would welcome somewhere 'savoury' to sit and eat those sandwiches. When folded it's the ideal accessory for those who like a bit of extra comfort.

Additional Features - manufactured from waterproof, closed cell foam; tough and durable; comfortable and thermally insulating; easy to clean.

Colours: Apple Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and MOD (dark green).

Size: Opens to 15" x 12" but, for carrying purposes, folds down to 4" x 12".

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