Aero Sonic Coloured Bowls

Aero Sonic Coloured Bowls
Designed for Outdoor or Short Mat play. Wide drawing.
For more information see the detail below.


Free UK delivery on orders £60 and over.

Aero Sonic Coloured Bowls  - Free Gift. Free PYO Emblem.

The Aero Sonic Bowl is designed for the Outdoor game. The Sonic is also proving popular for the Short Mat game too. It’s a Bowl that's suitable for those who prefer a wider drawing Bowl for Outdoors. It’s also particularly effective in early season and on difficult, heavy Greens.

Draw Line: see the Aero Bowls Drawline Chart. You will also see a few examples of grips, colours and Emblems to give you some ideas.   

Colours: see the Aero Bowls Colour Chart. Click each of the colour options in the Colour drop menu above to view. 

Sizes: select size - 00, 0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0.   

Grip: the Sonic Bowl is available in the Z Scoop Grip only. This Grip attracts an additional charge. For more information about this charge please see below. 

Emblem Preference:

i)  if you select “Any Emblem In Stock” this may be advantageous in terms of delivery time.   

ii) if you would prefer a specific Emblem then select “I wish to select an Emblem".

Aero Emblem Size: select Standard or Large.  

Aero Paintwork Colour: select from the menu. The Glitter paintwork is an additional £60. Warning: this paintwork is subject to wear.

The Z Scoop charge explained: we have argued with Aero that they should not levy an additional charge where there is no option to select a grip that does not incur a charge. However, Aero maintain the Sonic Bowl is more expensive to produce and will not drop the higher price retailers have to pay. We have reached stalemate and until Aero make the Sonic available in other free of charge grip choices we in turn have no choice but to increase the price.