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Bowls: Lawn Indoor and Outdoor, Crown Green Bowls and Accessories,
and Second Hand/Used Bowls

* Free UK Delivery (inc. Highlands, Northern Ireland and Channel Islands). 
 * Free Four Bowl Carrier (value £7) on every new set of Bowls. 

Flat/Lawn Indoor and Outdoor Bowls from top manufacturers at competitive prices: Aero, Almark, Drakes Pride, Henselite and Thomas Taylor.  

We can offer expert advice before you buy so you buy the set that's right for you, whatever your level. Tel: 0115 9292233

Crown Green Bowls and Accessories - Bowls, Bags, Footers, Jacks etc. from Drakes Pride and Thomas Taylor, all at very competitive prices.Crown Green Bowls are sold in pairs, are slightly smaller and lighter than Flat Green Bowls and generally have a stronger bias. Sizing of Crown Green Bowls is by weight - the range is indicated in the description for each set. The Bowls are also available in different densities and that too affects the weight, but again the density is indicated. 
Second Hand/Used Bowls - this is where you should look for bargains. Here at The Bowls Shop customers regularly trade in their Bowls for a new set so our stock is constantly changing. Bookmark this page to keep an eye on what's on offer.  

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